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Saratoga Solar Project
Project Updates & Events


COMPLETED: May 22, 2023 - 

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approved Saratoga Solar Project’s application. This means the Project is approved for construction.

COMPLETED: March 22, 2023 -

Saratoga Solar Project Public Information Meeting - Click here for specific details.

COMPLETED: January 4, 2023 - 

Virtual Public Hearing Session - Click here for specific details about the hearing with the Public Service Commission.

COMPLETED: April 19, 2022

In our commitment to keep the local community informed, we are pleased to report that we will soon be submitting the Certi􀆟ficate of Public Convenience and Necessity applicati􀆟on to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC). We anti􀆟cipate that it will take approximately one year for the PSC to issue its decision on the project.

COMPLETED: January 24, 2022 

Saratoga Solar Project Public Information Meeting - Click here for specific details.

To view the recorded presentation from this meeting, click here.

COMPLETED: June 23, 2021 - 

Saratoga Solar Project Public Information Meeting - Click here for specific details & to view the presentation.

New Growth

A New Heritage of Wisconsin Energy Production

Saratoga Solar Project, LLC is proposing a 150.5 megawatt (MW) solar energy facility (with the possible addition of a battery energy storage system) in Wood County, WI. Rich in tradition and local pride, the Wood County region is becoming a leader in solar energy generation in the state of Wisconsin. The continued vision and support of county officials and community members will secure the area’s opportunities to host solar projects and produce more renewable solar energy for the electricity grid.

The Economic Benefits and the Big Picture

Solar energy generation provides a sustainable, long-term economic development opportunity for rural communities. Solar projects are known as one of the highest taxpayers in the communities where they are hosted. In addition to providing reliable revenue streams to local and county governments, solar projects have minimal need for taxpayer-supported provisions.


In terms of positive impact on local workers and companies, solar creates construction and operation jobs, supports local supply chains, and drives economic boosts to area businesses and suppliers. Utility-scale solar is increasing across the U.S. because it is safe, operates almost silently, and exists in harmony with wildlife and the environment. The more solar power generated in Wisconsin means there is less dependence on

out-of-state electricity generation.

Project Facts
Project Info
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The Saratoga Solar Project is located in Wood County, Wisconsin about five miles south of the city of Wisconsin Rapids.


The estimated project size, which includes the actual solar components and infrastructure, will occupy approximately 1,200 acres. However, over 1,900 acres have been identified to host the total project footprint. This larger number affords sufficient room for spacing and setbacks from adjacent landowners.


The project will interconnect to American Transmission Company's Saratoga to ACEC Badger West 138 kV line.


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